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Computer Policy and Printing


The library's public access computers are internet capable and they include a suite of Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Other basic Windows software and Adobe Reader are also available. You can log on to the computers by entering the number on the back of your library card (with no spaces) into the box on the start screen, then pressing "Enter" on the keyboard. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, ask the person at the Reference Desk for assistance. 

Adult Department Internet Use Guidelines

All users must have a valid library card and less than $1.99 in fines or lost materials in order to access the library's internet capable computers. Guest Passes may be obtained by showing an out of town license or ID.

1. There is a 1 hour time limit on the computers. The library enforces time limits to ensure equity and fairness among its patrons. Please leave the computer area at the end of your computer session; you will be able log back on after 15 minutes.

2. Do not save files on the library computers. The computers delete any program or documents found on the hard drive when they restart. The library is not responsible for computer viruses caught by patrons downloading material.

3. The library does not allow use of the internet for playing games, chat or Instant Messaging (IM).

4. Internet access is provided for informational and educational use only.

Youth Services Department Internet Use Policy

Children (8th grade or younger) may only use the computers in the Youth Services Department if they are under the supervision of an adult (over 18). The adult must have a valid library card and less than $1.99 in fines or lost materials. Using the Youth Services Department computers to access inappropriate materials or engaging in inappropriate behavior while using the Youth Services Department computers (as determined by library staff) can result in the loss of internet access for patrons. Adults may not use the computers in the Youth Services Department unless they are accompanied by a child.
Personal Computers
The library offers free wireless internet access to anyone who wishes to bring a personal laptop to the library.


In order to print from a library printer, you will need a library card to access a library computer. Once you have your library card and have logged on, you can pay the person at the Reference Desk 25 cents for each page you want to print. The library offers the option to print in color.