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Help the Library

10 Ways to help the library

  1. Donate to the library via check (send to: Library Director, Howard Whittemore Library, 243 Church St., Naugatuck, CT 06770) or click on the Donate Now button below.
  2. Support library fundraisers.

  3. Contact the library to volunteer your time or expertise.  Call 203-729-4591 and ask to speak to the director about volunteer opportunities.

  4. Join the Friends of the Library.

  5. Speak at local public hearings or write to local newspapers or legislative representatives about the value of the library.

  6. Donate money to purchase new print materials honoring the memory of a deceased individual or honoring a special occasion.

  7. Donate used print materials for the annual book sales.  The library does not accept textbooks, condensed readers’ digests, encyclopedias, almanacs, and damaged books.

  8. Utilize employer matching programs when making a donation.

  9. Consider gifts of stock, endowments, and trusts.

  10. Remember the library in your will.